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A company used two ibm850 x6 servers, installed rhel 6.4 system, one ibm ds5020 storage, and oracle 11G rac database cluster. Due to poor customer management, the two systems ransomized the virus, and the system oracle files were all virus.

Solution: After communicating with the customer, Zhaobai data recovery project determined that the important files of the database were stored in the storage, and the asm disk should not be damaged.
1. Map the storage to a server, and physically back up the storage at the first time, back up to a 4T hard disk. After the backup is completed, the storage disconnects all connections to ensure the security of the stored data.
2. The backup asm disk is analyzed, and 3 asm disks are found. After analysis by the oracle asm data recovery software, it is found that the customer’s important data files and log files and archive backup files can be restored.
3. Speaking of file recovery to an empty hard disk, the data file is 800G together.
4. Set up a single machine Oracle 11G, restore the data files to a single machine, the data is completely restored after the customer is verified, the customer is very satisfied, and lasted 48 hours, the customer is very satisfied.

MicroUSB cable price and features

MicroUSB cable is the most popular style for Android phone’s charge and data link.

Why there are so much price difference  for microusb cables from different manufactures? Quality? or other factors? Let me show you something –

Product one-

Android microUSB cable

Color: red 185C

Factory price:  USD 0.60

Current: 2.1A

Length: 1 meter



TPE cable

PVC USB plug plastic part

4-core / 60 pieces of small copper wires